I wanted to write to thank you for the amazing portraits of Taylor and Ryan.  They are beautiful representations that really capture not only the appearance but also the true essence and spirit of each of our sons to a staggering degree.  Somehow their character comes out so much more vividly in the portraits than in any of the photographs we have-- a true testament to your talent and your sensitivity to your subjects.  We have had many really positive comments from family, friends and from the boys themselves who were amazed and very impressed when we showed them their portraits.   We really cherish and appreciate them every day especially now that both of the guys are out of the house.   Thanks again.

Becky and Brett Barker,   Redmond, Washington


When we commissioned Candace to paint the portrait of our son we knew it would be wonderful, but we had no idea how absolutely amazing it would turn out.  The colors and lighting were so real.  She caught every detail, the highlights in his hair, sparkle in his eye, and shape of his face.   She not only captured his look wonderfully, but she was able to capture his personality to perfection.  She caught the slight smile and look in his eye that we see every day.  We are so grateful to have this painting to look at for years to come.

Darlene Sweetland and Ron Stolberg,   San Diego, California


Being a relatively new grandmother, I commissioned Candace to do an oil of my 3 year old grandson Eli.  The resulting portrait was more than I could ask for.  I felt that I could reach out and touch his sweet face.  She captured his personality, soul and being.   My husband and I were so thrilled that we commissioned Candace to paint us.  Again, the final result was more than we could ask for.   Candace is a professional.   It is important for her to take the time to know the subject.  It is not that the likeness is accurate; it’s the soul and being of the images that is correct. These oils will be passed on from generation to generation.  What a great gift to give our children.

Kris Pinto     Poway, California