How much will my portrait cost?

Cost is negotiated for each portrait based on size and complexity.  Figure sizes range from head-and-shoulders up to the full length figure.  Oil portraits start at $1000 and charcoal portraits start at $500. 

I also offers a vignette portrait in oil, which starts at $400.  This includes the subject’s head only, rendered in a loose painterly style with an abstract background, and painted from a photo provided by the client.

I offer a 10% discount for additional commissions ordered with the initial portrait, and started within 1 year.

How long before I receive my completed portrait?

The portrait is usually completed within 3 months after approval of the color study. 

What if I am not satisfied with my portrait?

The client-artist relationship is based on trust, and my success depends on good word-of-mouth from happy customers.  My primary goal is client satisfaction.

A color study is prepared for client approval before I begin painting the full portrait.  The study gives you a clear idea of the appearance of the final piece.  This is your opportunity to request changes to composition, color, etc. 

When the painting is unveiled for final approval, I encourage clients to live with the piece for a few weeks.  Within that time, I am happy to make changes.  Extensive revisions after unveiling may incur extra charges, at my discretion. 

Will you help me with framing?

Yes, I will assist with frame selection, since the frame has such a powerful impact on the overall impression.  As a rough estimate, quality framing costs approximately 10% of the cost of the portrait itself.

Will you create a portrait from a photo that I provide? 

Due to the critical need for good photo reference with this type of portraiture, I usually work from photos I take myself, with the following exceptions:

Posthumous portraits:  If suitable photo references are available. 

Vignette portraits:  If you have a favorite photo you would like translated into an informal vignette-style  portrait.  Working from client photos is one reason the vignette portrait is offered at a lower price.

Other questions?  Email me.